Prime Advertising & Design Copywriting


There are some out there who believe writing for a website is akin to writing a college term paper, magazine feature story or newspaper article. These are usually the same folks who wonder why their web analytics are struggling.

Writing for the web is a skill that has become increasingly critical as more people rely on the Internet as their primary source for business information. On the web, it’s not about how much you write, it’s all about what is written, how it is placed, and how it is quickly absorbed by today’s short-attention-span web reader.

Prime understands that if you don’t catch the reader right away with your text, you probably won’t get them to read much more, and they’ll quickly move on to another site - and that means you'll lose a potential customer.

When you know what to say, but aren't exactly sure how to put it into words, let the Prime team give you a hand. And we'll not only help you find your voice online, but in print vehicles such as newsletters, brochures and ads too.

Mark J. Murray