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Review management made easy with the PRIME Review Network

Online reviews are essential for a business to understand their level of customer satisfaction. Customers make decisions about everything from where to eat lunch or which products to buy based on consumer feedback. Reviews can go a long way toward building your reputation and influencing potential customers. Requesting, collecting, and monitoring feedback can be time-consuming and confusing, especially with the vast number of platforms consumers can use to share their opinions. We can help. 

PRIME Review Network

Prime Advertising + Design has developed a tool to simplify and streamline the process. A comprehensive, automated system, the PRIME Review Network allows businesses of any size to easily request feedback from customers, share reviews across more than 100 platforms, automatically feature reviews on their website, and share testimonials to social media.

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Proactively ask for feedback and reviews

After your customer buys from you or utilizes a service, we help you engage and ask them for feedback and online review through numerous proactive methods such as email or text messages.


Increase SEO with the review widget

The availability of online reviews shows potential customers that your business can be trusted. When used effectively, they can also potentially impact your SEO performance and search ranking.


Manage your reputation in search results

With our convenient, user-friendly platform, you can access all your online reviews in one centralized location, which makes responding to reviews and managing your reputation that much easier.


Monitor new third-party reviews

With the PRIME Review Network’s connection to major third-party review sites, it’s quick and easy to gather and manage feedback. Choose from 50 sites, which are monitored daily to detect new online activity.


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