Prime Advertising & Design Branding


Let’s be clear. Branding is not about creating a new logo and catchy tagline and then calling it a day. Finding – actually uncovering - a brand takes extensive research and soul-searching to discover your company's DNA. No other company has exactly the same makeup as yours.

Think of it – the people, location, years of experience, products, etc. - are all different than your competitors. Prime uses its branding process to bring out what is special about your firm so you can develop and implement better ways of prospecting and closing sales. Perhaps it's time for a fresh company name or look? Count on Prime to give you expert advice and guidance.

If the materials, strategies and messages representing your company don’t match up with your unique identity, your customer will figure this out and you’ll risk doing more harm than good. Our approach to branding is thorough and, most importantly, gets results you can count on.

Mark J. Murray
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