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Once upon a time, not that long ago, blogs (short for “web logs”) were just hobbies, written by people who wanted to share random thoughts with random people who happened to find them on the Internet due to a common interest. Those days are long gone.

Today’s businesses know that blogs serve as an invaluable open door to your company – sort of an “all-access back stage pass” to information and opinions that are not readily available to casual website visitors.

Blogs help position your business as an expert in the field. They also paint a picture and help provide prospective clients a glimpse of what you are all about. How you write them depends on what message you are trying to send. Blogs can be general or laser-focused. They can be ultra-casual or down to business.

Blogs give those who search them out on sites like Google and subscribe to them a feeling like they are “in the know” and are keeping current. They also enable company executives to share their personal thoughts with customers whom they might not otherwise interact. Blogs are also great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is critical in today's competitive online world.

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