Our Top 10 Predictions for 2016

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After a very strong finish to 2015, we enter 2016 full of anticipation. To kick things off, we’ve assembled our top predictions for the New Year.2016 predictions

  1. Industry statistics suggest smartphones and tablets account for over 60% of all online traffic, making the significance of search, content and responsive web even greater in 2016.
  1. The importance of custom and direct mail print products will continue to evolve in meaningful ways.
  1. Just when we think we made it through one of the mildest winters on record, we’ll get buried by a massive snowstorm.
  1. As more companies understand the importance of social media and web analytics, “ready, fire, aim” will be replaced with “ready, aim, fire.”
  1. The use of images and video will continue to increase from the existing staggering numbers. Taking YouTube as an example: there are 1 billion YouTube users and 4 billion YouTube video views per day, yet only 9% of small businesses use YouTube.
  1. I may have put more revolutions on the wheel of my branded pizza cutter last year than on the tires of my SUV, and in 2016, quality promotional items that are useful in daily life will continue to be intelligent marketing tools.
  1. We will experience further recognition that all websites are not created equally, responsive is pretty much a requirement and that design is only one ingredient in the important recipe for a successful website.
  1. Tank the office dog will add a mid-afternoon nap to his already scheduled afternoon nap.
  1. Less will be more. Distilled marketing messages will be simpler and cleaner.
  1. As business gets more competitive, the successful people will continue to be generous. This idea comes from a blog post on Addicted 2 Success about a best-selling book, The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea. In the book the authors share five “laws” for achieving success in business:
  • Value: Your worth, professionally speaking, is determined by how much more you give in value than what you take in payment.
  • Compensation: How much you get paid is a result of how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
  • Influence: Your influence grows as you place other people’s needs first.
  • Authenticity: It’s difficult to provide great value if you have no passion for your work. Successful people are genuinely excited about what they do, get excited about what they do, or they find something else to do. They don’t fake it.
  • Receptivity: If you don’t know how to comfortably receive from others, you don’t understand how to give value effectively.

And there you have it, our top 10 predictions for the year. Best wishes for a healthy and successful 2016!

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PAD_AprilPromoMarketing your business can quickly become an overwhelming task, as well as a full time job. Taking the time to understand, evaluate and make educated decisions on each and every opportunity can easily take you away from doing what you do best, which is running your business!

With the media world changing on almost a daily basis; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Websites, Magazines, Events, etc. it’s more challenging than ever to successfully fight through the clutter to get your message to a targeted audience. There are a few best practices to consider when establishing your plans:

  • Diversify. There is no magic bullet or secret sauce to a successful marketing plan. Industry studies show the most successful media plans include a healthy balance of media including print, broadcast, online, sponsorships and events.  The top companies and brands have a responsible mix of media in their plans and have not made the mistake of completely abandoning one medium for another.
  • Seek out advice. Marketing and advertising agencies are well versed in helping businesses identify their audience persona. It’s important to consider demographics as well as geographics in a marketing plan and this investment up front will save you money and time in the long run.
  • All media is not created equally. When evaluating media buys, it’s important to use standardized industry measuring sticks such as CPM, CTR, bounce rates, Likes, Follows, etc. that can help you evaluate ROI.
  • Keep your eye on the ball. Establishing a mix of media is important, and perhaps just as important is making sure you pay attention to results. For example, if you ran a print ad check your website traffic to gauge the spike in traffic. Customers are being driven to websites and into your business from a variety of touch points, and to make educated decisions of future marketing plans it’s important to have data to support decisions.
  • Blogs. Sharing relevant and engaging stories with your customers not only creates loyalty and a deeper connection with them, but it will also help your website SEO and increase your visibility. You have a story to tell, so tell it well!

Establishing a well thought out plan for marketing your business just takes some expertise, time and discipline. Once you get started and have identified your audience, message and delivery channels, take the time to evaluate and learn. Sticking to a strategy eliminates much of the guess work and will keep you focused on running your business and catering to those new customers walking through your door!

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Ackley Business Consulting is a business located in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Roger Ackley steps your business through a visioning process, leading your business to a shared vision. Roger Ackley’s BI career of nearly 3 decades has given him a background and expertise to transform large corporations. When Roger retired, he still had a passion for teaching the visioning process. After starting his own business, Roger came to Prime Advertising & Design, to design and produce his marketing materials. Roger envisioned something contemporary and streamlined.

One of the first things Prime needed to do for Ackley Business Consulting was to help with a business name and logo design. Because Ackley Business Consulting was a new business, we began by checking into domain names. Once we had purchased www.AckleyBusinessConsulting.com, Prime’s designers were able to start and designed a variety of logo selections for Roger to review. With the logo and business name selected, Prime Advertising designed and printed the Ackley Business Consulting stationary package. A stationary package helps give your business an identity and includes professional design and printing of the key pieces to get your business started: business cards, letterhead, envelope, fax transmittal, Thank You card and Microsoft Word document set to compose business correspondence.

Once the Ackley Business Consulting foundational pieces were completed, Prime’s attention turned to website development. Roger wanted to offer his clients information about his business, while keeping a streamlined look and feel. The new site uses Web 2.0 technology, allowing for a wider design and screen display. Prime also interlinked Ackley’s web pages, helping to create the highest level of search engine optimization. To keep prospective clients updated on Ackley Business Consulting and on relatable news, Prime has incorporated a blog that is designed with the look and feel of the website.

Real-life, action shots are great for any business to have. Using one’s own images helps create credibility and trust to prospective clients. Prime Advertising performed a professional photo shoot, with Roger Ackley performing a live facilitation. With all of the great images taken, it was hard to choose which photos to use!

Ackley Business Consulting is taking off and Roger needed print materials to mail, email and leave behind after meetings. Along with a sharp-looking pocket folder, Ackley Business Consulting has a sturdy brochure. Each piece was carefully planned out to keep the Ackley Business Consulting brand consistent. Now, when Roger speaks and/or meets with business owners, he has all of the marketing materials that needs.

Roger likes to keep his facilitations lively. He is the kind of speaker that will keep your teams attention, giving you the results you desire. Roger is a true expert in the field and we’re all glad he came to Prime Advertising & Design to begin his journey with Ackley Business Consulting.

If you’re in the need of Business Consulting, please visit Ackley Business Consulting, and tell him, Prime sent you!

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Since Prime is right here in Maple Grove, as a company we look forward to Maple Grove Days every year. We design and publish the official annual event guide that gets mailed to every home, apartment and business. It is one of our biggest publications and I love working on this one!

This is Maple Grove’s largest event and it is a big undertaking! Deb Syhre, the President of Maple Grove Community Organization, sent us a list of what it takes to make Maple Grove Days successful…

  • 46+ events
  • 25+ entertainment groups
  • 23+ organizations
  • 130 business in the Business Expo
  • 104 units in the parade
  • 115 sponsors
  • 48+ business vendors
  • 11+ locations
  • 300+ volunteers

WOW! This is HUGE! To add to that list of numbers, we are proud to say we have 130+ local area businesses that participated in the Official Maple Grove Days Event Guide. There are lots of great coupons and offers that residents look forward to every year. Plus you can find out all the event details!

The main events include:

  • Business Expo
  • Fireworks
  • Bed Races
  • Art Fair on Main Street
  • Classic Car Show
  • Garden Tours
  • Rice Lake Classic
  • Parade
  • Live Entertainment and much more!

New this year, we are excited that the event guide is available with a searchable flipper technology on MyPrimeGuide.com.

This year, Prime will be participating in the parade on Thursday night and the Business Expo at the Maple Grove Community Center on Saturday. Hope to see you during Maple Grove Days!

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HeatCool2_LogoREVHeating & Cooling Two, a Maple Grove residential and commercial HVAC contractor, has been working with Prime Advertising & Design to “heat up” its marketing.

Prime Advertising & Design knows that marketing your business is not just about focusing on one area, it is about using a variety of media together to reach the greatest amount of potential clients possible. With this game plan in mind, Prime has helped Heating & Cooling Two diversify its marketing in a variety of areas.

In the fall of 2009, Heating & Cooling Two launched a redesigned website featuring a content management system (CMS) that allows staff to regularly update the site to better serve customers. Some of new site’s features include:

In addition to the new website, Prime created a full marketing package for Heating & Cooling Two including Comcast cable television ads, radio ads, advertising in Community Resource and Residents’ Guides, city newsletters, and direct-mail pieces. We also feature the company on our digital indoor advertising network at Hennepin County service centers.

Prime Advertising & Design used its awareness of the latest trends to help Heating & Cooling Two market its services and increase the company’s exposure to potential new clients. Check out Heating & Cooling Two’s new website at: www.heatcool2.com.

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