Prime Advertising & Design Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Prime Advertising & Design has been deeply rooted in the Twin Cities community since 1993. One of our largest commitments is to find thoughtful and innovative ways to benefit area businesses, organizations and individual residents. Quite simply, we believe in the value of giving back.

Because the Prime family feels so strongly about this obligation, we have contributed monetarily, donated thousands of hours of staff time, provided pro-bono work to non-profits, participated in and organized a multitude of fundraising events, offset costs of publications and websites to cities, chambers and retail groups through ad sales, and absorbed distribution costs for governments to ensure our publications reach their intended audience.

Many Prime staff members also maintain membership in several area chambers of commerce, business associations, and Rotary Clubs, in addition to professional industry organizations that represent our clientele.




Our Community Guides and City Newsletters help your business focus on customers right where they live!