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Video Production

There’s no question that web-based video and interactive CD/DVDs are an increasingly popular way of spreading the word about your business or organization. At Prime, we always say that sight, sound and motion create emotion - and video offers all of these.

Video gives your prospective customers a full picture of services you offer, allows them to see your staff on the job, hear key messages, return to see your video several times, and even share it with others via email.

Prime's video production division has capabilities in high-def video, wide-angle video, and wide-screen video. We will do video production for keynote speakers, presentations, product videos, demonstrations, tutorials, how-to videos, testimonials, television commercials and much more.

We will help step you through every bit of the process from concepting, filming, editing, providing video talent, professional voiceover work, and scripting.

And once produced, we pride ourselves in how we've made video flow online so it’s no longer an exercise in patience or lowered expectations. Prime’s videos give your clients and prospects an inside look at your company and subtly warm them to doing business with you.

If you have a product that is difficult to explain, our web-based videos and interactive CD/DVDs will help you get the word out. We will help your company put the video on the web, onto a DVD, and even deliver it to the desired television station on your behalf.

Isn’t it about time you added video to your marketing mix? Contact us soon to find out how easily Prime can help you enter this next frontier.


Below are some examples of recent videos produced by Prime Advertising. 



Digital Indoor Media gets attention, creates excitement and attracts this already out-of-home audience to you.
Because seeing is believing, we invite you to take a look at a portfolio of some of our recent work.
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