Prime Advertising & Design Interactive CD/DVD

Interactive CD/DVD

Let your organization showcase itself with a high-quality interactive CD/DVD by Prime Advertising & Design. Introduce your business to prospects in a way only video can. Provide an overview of new products and services for the coming year. Or give a tour of your locations. Regardless of your choice, our clients love the way we make them look.

Using the latest professional HD video technology and high-quality graphic effects, your interactive CD/DVD will put the viewer in control of what they see, when they want to see it. We’ll help you with creating a concept, developing creative elements, and even packaging and replication.

Prime will make seeing your video as much fun as watching a Netflix rental – minus the coming attractions at the start. We’ll even throw in a bag of microwave popcorn. Now that’s what we call buttering up your customers!

Mark J. Murray
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