Prime Advertising & Design Billboards


When you want to make a big splash, billboards are huge - literally. But to realize their potential, you must have a strategy and the right approach or they won’t be effective. Prime will help you be strategic about where they are placed, what eye-catching graphics and colors to use, and which brief yet memorable message to send motorists cruising by at 70 miles per hour.

Many businesses will make the mistake of simply duplicating their print advertisement on a billboard, somehow expecting people to retain this information when they only have a few seconds to view it. Or, if the billboard is placed near an intersection or a busy freeway that crawls during rush hour, does it stand out enough amidst other ads and distractions?

Prime’s goal is to make your billboard the one that folks discuss when they arrive at the office, or at home in the evening. If you’ve always wanted your name in lights, this is one way to get there – just make it worth the effort.



Mark J. Murray
Need a moving billboard? Vehicle Graphics might be your answer. We can help you stand out on the road.