A Beautiful Day for a Video Shoot

Posted on June 3rd, 2014

Here’s a sneak peak at last week’s video shoot with Robillard Plumbing. With their recognizable Robillard truck and a beautiful spring day as the backdrop, Mike Gurtek, our Multimedia Designer shot footage while Project Manager Bill Hausmann prompted interview questions and directed.













Not only is video is one of the most engaging ways to connect with your market, sharing your video on your website, blog and social media is said to increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x (Forrester). Read more fun video statistics in our blog 10 Video Stats from Industry Experts: Sight, Sound & Motion Create Emotion!

Prime Advertising’s video production includes 100% of what you would need for a successful video: conception, scripting, casting, voiceover, filming, editing & optimization for YouTube, TV & mobile. To watch some of the videos we’ve recently produced, and to learn more about our services, visit our Video Production page at PrimeAdvertising.com/video or call 763-551-3722.



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In Honor of Memorial Day

Posted on May 23rd, 2014

Honoring the heroes that sacrificed their lives for the protection of our country.
Have a fun and safe weekend with family and friends!


Prime Advertising will be closed on Monday, May 26th in observance of Memorial Day, reopening Tuesday the 27th.

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There’s More to Marketing than Web

Posted on May 15th, 2014

With today’s online environment, and the increasing power of the almighty Google, sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and see the marketing potential right in your backyard. A truly successful marketing plan has a healthy mix of online, community and print elements.

Anyone who took an Intro to Psychology class in high school or college was probably introduced to the idea of memory and retrieval. In terms of the consumer process, repetition helps a brand, company or product to become stored in a consumer’s brain, and more easily retrieved when they have a need. So for instance, a potential customer may see your billboard while driving to work in the morning. Later that week, they scroll past an advertisement for hardwood flooring installation services you are promoting on Facebook. The following month, while browsing through their latest community guide delivered to their home, they see your advertisement. When that potential customer needs new hardwood floors this summer, they are going to think of your company first.

community-guidesIt’s important for any company looking to grow their business to make it easy for customers to find you, and remember you. Aside from web design and online marketing, Prime offers a uniquely varied menu of community marketing channels to get your company in front of your target market. Our Community Publications department is actually the largest of our four departments, and responsible for publishing official city guides, newsletters and publications for more than 30 local cities, including Anoka, Andover/Coon Rapids, Blaine, Brooklyn Park, Champlin/Dayton, Elk River, Hopkins, Maple Grove, Northwest Suburban area, the I-94 area, and Zimmerman. All of our publications are direct mailed to every home, apartment and business in their respective cities, in addition to targeting new resident throughout the year, and being distributed around town at key locations. All of our publications are also available on the cities’ websites as digital editions.

Community Publications is just one of the many exclusive marketing channels Prime offers. You can visit our website, under the “What You Need” section for our full list.

Not sure what the best mix is? Come in for a free consultation. We’ll work with you to create a marketing plan that will meet your goals, and your budget.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on May 9th, 2014

Wishing all Mothers of the world a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday!


Animation/Video created by Mike Gurtek, a Multimedia Designer at Prime Advertising.

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Don’t Use Internet Explorer, Homeland Security Warns

Posted on May 1st, 2014

Don't Use IE6-11The Department of Homeland Security is warning Americans to stop using the Web browser Internet Explorer because it has a bug that could allow hackers to install malicious software without the user knowing it. In their announcement, Homeland security said that it is currently unaware of “a practical solution to this problem.” All Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 are affected. Until Microsoft can apply a fix, it is advised not to use Internet Explorer but to switch to another web browser. For the full article, visit the Examiner.com.

Not sure which web browser you are using? This link will tell you: www.WhatBrowser.org


Alternative browsers that can be used safely are:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox



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