As another year comes to an end, the Prime Team recapped a few of their personal highlights of 2016. It was a great year for our team, from big purchases and weddings to writing a book. We look forward to 2017 and what’s to come!



Sara: A major highlight of 2016 (besides coming to work at Prime, of course) was holding an advanced reader copy (ARC) of my book for the first time – a dream come true. I’ve been working toward this goal for many years, and that was an incredible moment. The book, a contemporary young adult novel, has been on the long and winding road to publication since I started writing it in July of 2011. Through agent and title changes, 15 months on submission to publishing houses, countless rewrites and revisions, a lot of late nights, and endless cups of coffee, THE LAST THING YOU SAID will be available on April 4, 2017 from Amulet Books.












Nicole: My highlight of 2016 was moving back to Minnesota after living in Connecticut for six years! I was born in St. Louis, MO., and have moved all over the country since marrying my husband, who is from Grand Forks, ND. We have two sons: one who was born in California, and our other son was born here in Minnesota. That makes each of us born in a different state! We have decided to stay in Minnesota because both of our families are close so it’s somewhere in the middle. We are looking forward to staying put here for a while.









Cathy: Last December, my husband and I bought a puppy for our children. They have always wanted a dog, so we thought Christmas would be the perfect time to surprise them. While the look on their faces was magical, potty training in January was not. I am happy to report that Louise has been an amazing addition to our family. I can’t imagine life without her.










MacKenzie: A major highlight from 2016 was my graduation from college in May! I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from Winona State University. During my time at WSU I was in a sorority, active in several on-campus clubs, and always made time to explore the scenic bluffs. This was a huge accomplishment for me, and although these four years went by way too fast, Winona will always have a special place in my heart!












Julie: Looking back on 2016, my highlight of the year was our annual vacation to Mexico. We went for a week in February to the city of Manzanillo and stayed at Las Hadas Resort. We’ve been going south for at least 10 years, almost always to Mexico. We went to the Dominican Republic for a couple years as well. We’ve been going to the west coast of Mexico the last six years because the weather is much more consistent. We travel with a group of people that changes every year (everyone is welcome to join us). We usually have around 18-20 people and our biggest group was 29 people! My favorite part about our Mexico vacation every year is dividing up the winter. Spring is usually just around the corner when we come back. It’s great to enjoy beautiful 80-degree weather for a week. We spend our time sitting by the pool with some cocktails, visiting with our group and meeting people from around the world.










Susan: My highlight from 2016 was that my family bought a four-season cabin in northern MN this year! Our favorite family cabin activities are boating, fishing, four-wheeling, swimming, entertaining friends and relaxing. We are most excited for our cabin to be a place to spend time with our kids that doesn’t involve Wi-Fi or driving them anywhere!










Allison: My highlight from 2016 was getting married! My husband and I had been dating for five years and got married as close to our anniversary as we could. Our wedding was in beautiful Hudson, WI on July 2nd. Since it was the 4th of July weekend, downtown Hudson had a carnival going on. Our photographers were awesome and took us downtown before the ceremony began to get shots of just us. The carnival workers were great sports about letting us use the setting as a backdrop for photos. The woman working at the top of the slide was wonderful and helped me so my dress wouldn’t rip on the way down. I was nervous, but the pictures turned out amazing and who doesn’t love the giant slide. Our reception was unique in that it took place cruising down the St. Croix River on the Grand Duchess. The Grand Duchess is by the Afton Hudson Cruise Lines and the inside had beautiful decor. Everything about the day and our experience was amazing. It was a pretty much perfect day!












Charmein: My highlight from 2016 was a four-day snowmobiling trip to Tofte Township with my husband and some of our friends. This was our first time in the area and at one point during the excursion, we reached 924 feet above Lake Superior at Carlton Peak and it was beautiful!  We stayed at the historic Trestle Inn located in the Superior National Forest. A special moment on our trip was when we were up at the top of Carlton Peak. I didn’t have cell service the whole trip until this point, and it was then that I received a text message from my son that my grandson was born!










Leave a comment below with your highlight from 2016!


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nectarineStudies show that people in the working world approach the “lunch break” in a variety of ways. The realities of a lunch break include: eating lunch in the company’s lunch room, going out to lunch regularly with a few of your closest coworkers, eating lunch at your desk, or even not taking a lunch break at all. Read on for stats and findings about lunchtime options.


Fueling Your Brain

Part of the reason lunch can boost your performance at work is that food literally fuels your brain, which needs a constant supply of energy to function optimally. Stopping to take a break and eat can make you much better at what you do. Taking a break from that steady stream of emails helps reduce stress and, in turn, can help keep you healthier. The Washington Post found that fewer than 20 percent of American workers regularly step away for a midday meal, and 39 percent usually eat at their desks. This also connects with the assumption that the most dedicated workers are constantly available and on task and that taking a lunch break is counterproductive.

USA Today mentioned that everyone is simply just busier all the way around. Everybody’s trying to be more productive.


Social Interaction

Going out to lunch with your coworkers and engaging in conversation over lunch can help advance your career, as social bonds can be formed over a relaxed meal. According to data collected using the time-tracking and productivity app DeskTime, the most productive 10 percent of its users were those who took regular breaks that lasted about 17 minutes each.



Another part of the lunch hour is the cost-effectiveness of your choice. According to a survey by Accounting Principals, two thirds (66 percent) of working Americans buy their lunch instead of packing it, costing them an average of $37 per week — nearly $2,000 a year. In addition to that, 50 percent of the American workforce spends approximately $1000 a year on coffee, or a weekly coffee habit of more than $20.

Additionally, a statistic from CareerBuilder, an employment consultant, found that less than one-fifth of executives surveyed; ate lunch at a sit-down restaurant, about 40% take a brown-bag lunch and 17% eat fast food.


Is there really no “lunch hour?”

The American workday is now loosely defined, depending on personal work demands. Parade Magazine shows that some people might be having lunch at 10:30 am or as late as 2:30 pm.


Making the Most of Your Break

CNN says that how we handle our breaks — especially lunch — has a huge impact on how we feel for the rest of the day. It is about using our energy wisely and replenishing that energy so that we have a rhythm to life. We know that our digestion needs time to do its thing properly. We know that our bodies need down time in the middle of stressful situations to recoup energy and be able to refocus. We also know that many people fought for the right to be able to take breaks that we sometimes give away without really thinking of the consequences.

CNN recommends these positive lunch break habits:

  • Take a walk
  • Getting out into the daylight
  • Talking to friends
  • Eating a healthy lunch or snack
  • Doing some stretching exercises
  • Playing a quick, mentally-challenging game

How will you make the most of your lunch break?


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thanksgiving_1200x1200Happy Thanksgiving from Prime! With the upcoming days full of turkey, mashed potatoes, family and friends, we hope you have a fun, relaxing holiday weekend! Whether it’s the 4th of July, Christmas or Thanksgiving, no holiday is complete without a tradition.

The Prime team shared a few of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions – you’ll get a kick out of some of the awesome things our staff and their families do! How will you be celebrating this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

Julie: “When my husband and I first got married (almost 30 years ago!) and our parents lived over an hour apart, we asked my in-laws if it was alright to have Thanksgiving on that side on Saturday so that we could enjoy both families without having to drive and eat two meals in one day. That tradition still holds today. About 7 years ago, my mom asked if someone else could host as it was too stressful for her, so I’ve been having it for my family at my house ever since. And with the passing of my in-laws, each kid takes turns hosting it at their house on Saturdays. Some years, I host two Thanksgivings for anywhere from 15 – 30 people each!”

Shauna: “It’s a new tradition but we celebrate Thanksgiving at the lake and go to a Holiday Lighted Horse Parade the next evening – my kids love it!”

Taylor: “Get a food coma, watch football and scope out the Black Friday ads.”

Greg: “We have a crazy tradition of an annual weigh in/weigh out. No one really wants to win the traveling trophy, but the ‘golden scale’ is awarded to the family member who gains the most weight Thanksgiving Day!”

Sara: Every Thanksgiving, my husband and I watch Home for the Holidays, a 1995 movie with Holly Hunter, Robert Downey, Jr., and Anne Bancroft. It’s about family – the family we’re born to and the family we create – and expectations and the transience of time and memory. It’s funny and honest and raw, and no matter how many times I watch it, I always cry at the end.”

Suzanne: “For my family on Thanksgiving day, family, extended family, and friends gather around a rather traditional Thanksgiving table at my parents’ house in Stevens Point, WI. However, what is standing in the corner is unique to our crazy clan. Over 20 years ago, as our family grew and grandkids entered into the picture, and since many families had to be taken into consideration for the holidays, my Mom invented THANKSGIVEMAS complete with a Turkey Bush! On Thanksgiving we have a traditional meal but once all the pie has been eaten and dishes are all done, Grampy Laude has the grandkids watch a short movie while he carefully turns the Turkey Bush into a beautifully decorated Christmas tree! From that point on, it becomes Christmas with presents and all the trimmings for all that are there to celebrate. Celebrating both holidays over Thanksgiving weekend has allowed Grammy and Grampy to have their kids and grandkids around them but also allows individual families to have their own traditions on Christmas and New Year.”

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Prime Team

17191_prime_crossdrive2016_1200x1200The holiday season is one of joy, one of giving. Please join with Prime Advertising again this year to make this a season of giving back.

We believe that it’s important for local businesses and individuals to give back to their communities. For the last ten years, Prime has partnered with CROSS Services to host a drive for food, toys, personal hygiene items, and household goods for area families in need. Located in Rogers, CROSS is a non-profit organization serving families and individuals in Rogers, Maple Grove, Osseo, Champlin (West), Corcoran, and Dayton. Services include a food shelf, clothing and household supplies at very low cost, Meals on Wheels, items for holidays and special occasions, and more.

It may be difficult to fathom how many families in our very own communities are in need during the holidays and throughout the year. It is estimated that one in 10 households in Minnesota is affected by hunger. According to Hunger Solutions Minnesota, in 2015, Minnesotans made 3,281,389 visits to food shelves, the fifth consecutive year of visits topping the three million mark.

CROSS is there to help. Each month, hundreds of individuals receive assistance from CROSS during their time of need. To do this, CROSS relies on community support from individuals and businesses.We need your help.
Please consider supporting CROSS during our annual holiday Toy and Food Drive. We are accepting donations at the Prime office now until Thursday, December 15.

Currently CROSS is in need of the following food items:
  • Meat, fish, and protein – canned tuna, ham, or chicken, beef stew, chili, peanut butter, canned/dried beans
  • Fruits and Vegetables – 100% fruit juice, canned fruits and vegetables, boxed potatoes
  • Complete Meals – pasta and sauce, boxed meals, hearty soups
  • Baking/Condiments – flour, sugar, oil, syrup, gravy, ketchup, pancake mix
  • Grains – cereal, rice, oatmeal
  • Holiday items – turkey, ham, whole chicken; canned yams; canned fruits; boxed potatoes, rice, pasta; stuffing, gravy
Cleaning and personal care items are also needed:
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion/Lip Balm
  • Feminine Hygiene items
  • Razors/Shaving Cream
  • Diapers/Wipes
  • Toilet Paper/Facial Tissue/Paper Towels
  • Cleaner/Laundry Detergent/Dish Soap
Make the holidays a little brighter for local children and teens in need with donations of:
  • Gift Cards
  • DVDs
  • Earbuds
  • Books
  • Sports T-shirts
  • Hat & Gloves/Mittens
  • Hooded Sweatshirts
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Learning Toys

Building SetsEspecially needed are items for boy and for kids age 12 and up.

The CROSS Holiday Toy Shop at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Maple Grove is for parents or guardians of children ages birth through 18 who need extra support during the holiday season. Parents or guardians can stop by CROSS to register for the Holiday Toy Shop, and can choose gifts for their children during the event on December 17. The Holiday Toy Shop serves more than 900 local children.

Create hope and bring joy to area families in need this year. Stop by the Prime office with your donations any time during our regular business hours Monday, November 21 through Thursday, December 15. We sincerely thank you for supporting CROSS Services and for making this a season of giving back.

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Prime Team

On this Veterans Day, we honor all who have served. Thank you.


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