2-minute_612x612In case you missed it, Monday was Leap Day!

The first Leap Day-related question that comes to mind is: “What did you do with your extra day?” Did you check a few more emails or schedule a meeting to start a new project? Maybe you took the day off to spend time with your family or go ice fishing before the ice on the lakes melt.

In the hectic business world, having more time can be a luxury. To help you get more time out of your day throughout the year (not just on a Leap Year), we found a method that can help you stop procrastinating and jumpstart your projects and goals. This method is called the Two-Minute Rule.

How the Two-Minute Rule works:

If a task takes two minutes or less to accomplish, do it now.

This could be any small task, from washing your dishes after a meal to sending that follow-up email when the thought pops into your head. Instead of having the idea floating around in your brain or sitting idly on your to-do list, getting it done allows you to focus your energy on a larger task or goal.

There is also a way to apply the rule to projects that take longer than two minutes.

If it takes longer than two minutes:

The method suggests breaking down the goal into two-minute-sized chunks. Work on doing more on social media by writing out a schedule of how often you want to post. Want to start reading more? Read for two minutes on your lunch break!

The best way to make the Two-Minute Rule work is to act on your thoughts. While I’m not really a science person, they say that whatever is in motion will stay in motion. Starting your task when you think of it will help you follow through on completing it.



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Nick Van Heest

trendsetting applesA few months ago, I attended a friend’s birthday party. Lots of people, lots of snacks, gorgeous apartment straight out of an IKEA catalog, the whole nine yards. Alongside the cookies, pretzels and popcorn, one snack stuck out like a dislocated thumb–a giant bowl of green apples. As you might expect, the apples spent the first half of the shindig completely untouched. No one goes to parties to eat healthy, right?

And then, on a whim, a friend and I decided to take a bite out of Granny Smith. Almost immediately, the idea spread like influenza throughout the room as partygoers chose fruit over snack food. Within minutes, the huge bowl of apples was as empty as the Moon.

Like the snack selection at a birthday party, why do some products get asked to dance while others are left in the dust? Beyond the traditional marketing mix (product, distribution, price, promotion) the trendsetting success of certain brands often seems random and mysterious. In this highly-competitive market, tiny advantages can spark a bonfire. Combine these four ingredients to stand out like a green apple in a pile of pretzels.


Get psyched about your brand. Don’t sell yourself short or worry about what other people will think. Have some fun with your website, blog and social media. Support your product like an overzealous soccer mom. Belief and passion are infectious, but so is self-doubt.


Word of mouth is more effective than a hundred Super Bowl ads; the recommendation of a close friend is more convincing than a thousand billboards. Get out there and hawk your product’s advantages like a Target Field beer vendor. Be enthusiastic, not obnoxious. Remember, cash cows are raised on a diet of grassroots.


Being out of place is not necessarily a weakness. Like apples at a party, being different can catch your audience off-guard and help you get noticed. With advertisements clamoring for our attention 24/7, the element of surprise is a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Trendsetting is high risk, high reward. The apples could have easily sat undisturbed for the entire party. Like Apple with the iPod, give your audience what they want before they know they want it. Does that sound risky and difficult? It’s the difference between a trendsetter and an also-ran.

You’ve got the right product; you just need to find the right people in the right place at the right time. Easier said than done, of course. But if a plus-sized bowl of green apples can trounce cookies and popcorn at a birthday party, your brand can take a big, juicy bite out of your industry’s market share.

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The Little Things Matter - snowy windshieldDuring a recent drive into work this winter, I noticed something interesting. There were a lot of people driving down the road with frost built up on their windows to the point where you couldn’t see the driver. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you can’t see into the vehicle through the frost, the person behind the wheel can’t see out?

This can’t be good for anyone.

The Credit Card Scrape

There was one car that I passed–traveling 10 mph under the speed limit with a line of traffic behind it akin to a funeral procession–where the driver decided to make a single scrape across the windshield rather than scrape the entire windshield. Think reverse blind fold.

We’ve all seen it, a strategically placed scrape across the windshield precisely at eye level. This is usually a desperation move resulting from the driver not having an ice scraper. They “MacGyver” it with a credit card or another little object that clears just enough area to provide limited vision of the road directly in front of them. Good luck seeing any low flying aircraft above or the pot holes below that have grown to the size of a small bay on Lake Minnetonka.

The NASCAR Scrape

Rather than scraping the entire windshield and side windows, these drivers only scrape the windshield and driver side, completely ignoring the passenger window. This half effort is perfectly sufficient–as long as the driver takes a NASCAR track into work and never has to make a right turn.

The Peep Hole

My personal favorite, however, is the slouched-over peep hole. This one is completely ridiculous. It begins with the decision not to scrape at all, relying instead on the defroster to do the work. Or not. This is the slow-moving car straddling two lanes of traffic while the driver is hunched over the dash like an overserved blackjack player. The only point of vision is through a half moon of partially defrosted windshield about the size of a half-eaten omelet. Laser-focused and deftly intent on navigating rush hour traffic through this tiny peep hole, this driver is part James Bond and part submarine captain, peering through his scope as he surfaces from the depths of the sea.

All of this left me thinking about these little things, so easy to do yet ignored by so many; ultimately leaving everyone on the road frustrated and in danger. There’s an old saying that goes “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.” This is true regardless of how large or little the task, whether it’s scraping the windows of your car before work or the job you do once you arrive. People notice a job well done, and, just as importantly, they notice when things are left to chance.

Especially when you are stuck in rush hour.

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super-bowl-50-logoFrom beer and cars to candy bars, Super Bowl 50’s commercials were filled with celebrities, hashtags and special effects. With a captivated audience of 112 million viewers, a wide variety of companies coughed up nearly $5 million for 30 seconds of airtime. Here are our favorite four takeaways from the big game this year.

Disturbing = Memorable

Mountain Dew’s PuppyMonkeyBaby commercial proved that a creepy and bizarre take on advertising can be a great way to stand out. Probably the most polarizing ad of the 2016 Super Bowl, the commercial for Mountain Dew’s Kickstart energy drink is hard to forget. Hopefully the combination of dew, juice and caffeine is a tad less frightening. Many companies are afraid to get offbeat and weird, but playing it safe may not generate the buzz you are looking for.

Fight Stereotypes with Humor & Self-Awareness

With its bank robber police chase ads, Toyota made the interesting choice of focusing on the Prius’ weaknesses instead of its strengths. While previous Prius ads promoted the car’s great gas mileage and environmental benefits, Toyota’s Super Bowl ads playfully addressed the car’s wimpy and feminine reputation.

Deep down, I think most people know that Priuses are powerful and fast enough for the average driver, but perhaps this ad campaign will embolden a few more manly, wannabe bank robbers to pull the trigger.

Know Your Setting–And Your Audience

As millions of Super Bowl viewers chowed down on nachos, pizza and chicken wings, Xifaxan, Jublia and OIC Is Different jumped at the chance to bring attention to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and toe fungus. While Xifaxan’s pink intestine sports fan was kind of cute, these three ads seemed out of place. People watch the Super Bowl to enjoy themselves and eat greasy snack food–not to contemplate their nagging health issues.

The Little Guys Can Still Win Big

With most of the Super Bowl ad space taken up by giant corporations with money to burn, the overall strategy was more about brand legacy than introducing new products. A sidesplitting Bud Light or Butterfingers commercial doesn’t affect my buying decisions any more than a painfully unfunny one does.

But for a little known company like Death Wish Coffee, the payoff is huge. The winner of Intuit’s small business contest, Death Wish’s entertaining Viking ad and attention-grabbing product guarantee a massive year for the company. Does our society really need more caffeine? Probably not. Would I like to try “the world’s strongest coffee?” Sign me up!

Although there were many memorable moments, these are our favorite four lasting memories. And of course these are in addition to a little heartburn the next day!

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Imagine that your company has just hired a new salesman. This guy never gets sick, never takes a day off, never goes on vacation. He is quite the social butterfly–wearing your company’s logo everywhere he goes and recommending your brand to everyone he meets. Sounds like the perfect salesman, right?

From posters and displays to dasher boards at ice arenas, signs are your 24/7 sales force. They communicate the best of your company to the public, promote your brand and aid in customer recall. But like any salesman, your signs need a little guidance to ensure maximum effectiveness. Here are a few tips for reducing clutter and ensuring a clear and effective message:

Business Signage

Business SignageThe signage at your business identifies your location, provides information your clients need (e.g. hours open) and sets a welcoming tone. It should not overwhelm or confuse potential customers with superfluous details. A pleasingly simple and elegant design shows a respect for your clients that they will appreciate and remember.

Ice Arena Dasher Boards

With ice arena dasher boards, simplicity is the best strategy. A simple tagline, a good logo and (at most) a website will be enough to brand your business with confidence. Signage: Dasher board As fans attend hockey games throughout the year, they will notice your dasher and associate your business with their team. Your dasher’s presence endears them to your company and can be the difference maker between you and your competition.

Posters and Displays

Signage: Posters and displaysPosters and display art typically require a little more creative juice than dashers, but the message must still be simple and clean to have an impact. While posters and displays allow for more text and photos than dashers, your designer must keep your message focused with attractive graphics and large, easy-to-read typography.

Resist the temptation to pack in as much information as possible, as this will overwhelm your audience and dilute your message. Even the wildest designs will have the biggest impact with a focused idea, consistency, balance and clarity.

At their best, signs are direct, simple and impactful. While they can brand your company to the public like no other medium, they require a disciplined approach and an understanding of your audience and their environment. With an uncluttered design, a powerful message and a great location, your team of signage salesmen will persuade new and repeat customers time and time again.

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Check out this cool Channel 12 feature story starring our very own Marilyn Bina. Marilyn loves her job here at Prime and has no plans to retire anytime soon!

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5 Tips to Brand Your Business, Prime Advertising & DesignWe’ve all heard how important it is to “brand” your business. But what does that even mean? And how important is it really? I like to think of it like this: We as individuals “brand” ourselves and we’re naturally drawn to others that do it well. These people tend to have a strong sense of self. You know what I’m talking about–that guy you see on the street with the handlebar mustache and the funky bow-tie. Immediately, I think he’s one cool dude. Why? It’s not the actual mustache (how does he eat with that thing anyway?). It’s his strong sense of self that I’m drawn to. It’s the “I’d-sit-down-and-have-a-beer-with-that-person” factor.

That’s what you want for your business. You want people to be drawn to your brand so they do business with you. Sounds pretty great, right? Follow these five tips and your business will be just as awesome as Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy.

1.  Define Your Business. If you don’t, no one else will.

What is your mission? What makes your products/services different? What do your customers already think of your company? What do you want them to think about you? What do your customers want from you? When you feel you’ve explored this enough, move on to #2.

2.  Get a Killer Logo. Love it. Live it. Get a tattoo of it (Just kidding, that last part is optional).

If Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy didn’t have the handlebar I probably would have walked right by without noticing him. The same goes for a company without a great logo–they can go unnoticed. Find a great designer and share #1 with them. It will be the best thing you can do to ignite your own passion and your employees’ passion for your business. A visual representation of who you are and what you stand for is powerful.

3.  Implement.

This step is where some businesses fall off. Self-discovery and creative processes are engaging and interesting. Implementation, on the other hand, can be tedious but is equally important. Every aspect of your business should reflect your brand. Every piece of communication should accurately show your brand. Does your auto-signature reflect your brand? Is your logo sized properly on all mobile devices? How are your phones being answered? What are your salespeople wearing to client meetings?

4.  Be consistent.

Make the implementation of your brand a habit. Communicate your expectations with your employees. Get them on board. If your logo should be a certain size and in the upper right hand corner of all proposals, make sure to set that expectation and follow through with it. It’s helpful to create a “spec sheet” and templates for everyone within your organization to use.

5.  Be true.

It’s easier than you would think to “muddy” your brand. You are busy. Details can get missed. New influences come in to play. Stay true. Communicate and follow through with who you are and what you stand for.

These five steps will put you on the right path to a strong brand. And next time you see Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy buy him a microbrew of his choice.

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With the recent launch of their snazzy website, IGO Legacy Hotel Group is quickly becoming a rising star in the hotel industry. IGO Legacy Hotel Group’s new and improved website is bright, easy to navigate and features responsive design. This allows each page to resize and reformat for computers, tablets and phones of any screen size.

Another way IGO Legacy Hotel Group stands out from the crowd is through eye-catching promotional products. IGO Legacy Hotel Group creatively incorporates their fun orange logo into fashionable everyday items, including watches, pedometers, mouse pads, pens and stationery. Doesn’t that watch look gorgeous?

New Website - IGO Legacy Hotel - Watches - Promo Products New Website - IGO Legacy Hotel - Mousepad - Promo ProductsNew Website - IGO Legacy Hotel - Pens - Promo Products New Website - IGO Legacy Hotel - Pedometer - Promo Products













IGO Legacy Hotel Group caters to corporate travelers, tour groups, family vacationers and anyone else in need of a good night’s rest. With 12 locations around major cities in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, every IGO Legacy Hotel Group hotel is equipped with convenient perks and benefits. These include:

  • Complimentary High-Speed WiFi
  • Free Hot, Home-Style Breakfast
  • Indoor Pool & Whirlpool
  • Fitness Center
  • Plenty of Free Parking
  • Pre-Registration w/ Key Packets ready
  • Customizable Reservations
  • Volume Pricing
  • Large Meeting Rooms

In addition to these amenities, each IGO Legacy Hotel Group hotel is located near fun attractions for the whole family, including shopping malls, sports centers, museums, wineries, raceways, amusement parks, zoos and more!

IGO Legacy Hotel Group’s happy, confident employees are the sign of a company that truly cares. With a focus on personal and professional growth, development and education, IGO Legacy Hotel Group works hard to invest into every single member of their team. Learn more about positions available on the careers page.

Prime is proud to call IGO Legacy Hotel Group one of our clients and we are excited to keep working with them in the future. From responsive websites to stylish watches and even more creative promotional products, Prime is here to help your company stand out in every way!

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After a very strong finish to 2015, we enter 2016 full of anticipation. To kick things off, we’ve assembled our top predictions for the New Year.2016 predictions

  1. Industry statistics suggest smartphones and tablets account for over 60% of all online traffic, making the significance of search, content and responsive web even greater in 2016.
  1. The importance of custom and direct mail print products will continue to evolve in meaningful ways.
  1. Just when we think we made it through one of the mildest winters on record, we’ll get buried by a massive snowstorm.
  1. As more companies understand the importance of social media and web analytics, “ready, fire, aim” will be replaced with “ready, aim, fire.”
  1. The use of images and video will continue to increase from the existing staggering numbers. Taking YouTube as an example: there are 1 billion YouTube users and 4 billion YouTube video views per day, yet only 9% of small businesses use YouTube.
  1. I may have put more revolutions on the wheel of my branded pizza cutter last year than on the tires of my SUV, and in 2016, quality promotional items that are useful in daily life will continue to be intelligent marketing tools.
  1. We will experience further recognition that all websites are not created equally, responsive is pretty much a requirement and that design is only one ingredient in the important recipe for a successful website.
  1. Tank the office dog will add a mid-afternoon nap to his already scheduled afternoon nap.
  1. Less will be more. Distilled marketing messages will be simpler and cleaner.
  1. As business gets more competitive, the successful people will continue to be generous. This idea comes from a blog post on Addicted 2 Success about a best-selling book, The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea. In the book the authors share five “laws” for achieving success in business:
  • Value: Your worth, professionally speaking, is determined by how much more you give in value than what you take in payment.
  • Compensation: How much you get paid is a result of how many people you serve and how well you serve them.
  • Influence: Your influence grows as you place other people’s needs first.
  • Authenticity: It’s difficult to provide great value if you have no passion for your work. Successful people are genuinely excited about what they do, get excited about what they do, or they find something else to do. They don’t fake it.
  • Receptivity: If you don’t know how to comfortably receive from others, you don’t understand how to give value effectively.

And there you have it, our top 10 predictions for the year. Best wishes for a healthy and successful 2016!

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When the marketing industry looks back at 2015, it will be viewed as another innovative and exciting year. And for those of us here at Prime Advertising & Design, we couldn’t agree more. Web and search technologies reached new heights, custom print opportunities continued to evolve and photography and videography experienced record use. As 2015 winds down, we take a quick look back on the trends and times that helped define 2015 both within our own office as well as across the marketing industry.

Settling In

2015 was Prime’s first full year in our new office and we couldn’t be happier with the larger space which has allowed for necessary expansion. As our staff has grown, so too has the space for offices and work stations.  A new conference room dedicated to promotional items is a favorite meeting space for clients who can size their clothing, select color schemes for office items and maybe even give that branded Frisbee a toss! Our in-house video and photography area has also expanded, and from the front to the back door, 2015 proved to be the year we used nearly every inch of space in our new home.

The Year of Search, Were You Lost or Found?

Dubbed Mobilegeddon, one of the first major announcements of 2015 came in April when Google created a great deal of buzz and consternation by releasing a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. This change means that websites with responsive design are favored in Google’s mobile search results, which heightened the awareness and needs of businesses to take their website into the new frontier.

Super Social

With more than 1 billion people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, implementing social media into a marketing plan is a must for businesses of all sizes. We found 2015 to be a year when many businesses stepped up their effort to not just have a social presence, but to invest in it with regular content-rich updates. We enjoyed a successful year of our own in the social media realm. We published our Prime blog on a weekly basis, which attracted a nice audience by providing insightful, entertaining and engaging content.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our staff at Prime is dedicated to helping our clients improve and grow their businesses and we take that responsibility very seriously. We also love to unwind as a group and, throughout the year, gathered for a variety of activities ranging from barbecues to bowling. A recent favorite was our build-your-own omelette breakfast courtesy of The Lookout Catering. We also enjoyed participating in community events which included handing out candy during the Maple Grove Days parade!

As we close the book on a great year and look forward to the first chapter of 2016, be sure to sign up for our new Prime Pulse email newsletter. This will be a short and timely collection of project updates, industry insight and, of course, some entertaining photos and videos taken along the way of our journey in 2016!

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