10 Things You Didn’t Know About Prime Advertising & Design

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Tank, Office Dog, Prime Advertising & Design Team1.  The 35th member of our team does ZERO actual work. He prefers naps, belly rubs and occasionally chasing his bone if he’s really feeling energetic.

2.  Our owner Mark Murray and his mom Marilyn Bina helped get Maple Grove Days up and running back in the day. We won’t say how far back…but it’s pretty far back there.

3.  One of our team members dabbled in modeling and is the face of an Amish romance novel. For the sake of her kids’ reputation, I won’t name any names. 

4.  You know those community guides you receive in the mail? The ones that tell you when to put out your recycling and have those sweet coupons? We do those. We LOVE our fellow business owners & communities.

5.  We have an endless supply of little white mints and a Keurig in every meeting room. Makes for some solid brainstorming sessions.

6.  We just designed a logo for the award-winning cupcake shop in town. We’ve all had a sweet tooth ever since.

7.  Our diverse range of clients has helped us become experts on the coolest products and services. Did you know fake ice exists? And you can skate on it year-round?

8.  Our photography and video studio is always morphing for client shoots. From a mini hockey rink to a dental office, you never know what type of business you’ll walk into.

9.  Our creative noggins don’t shut off after we leave the office. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I woke up last night and thought of this awesome idea…”

10.  Our team does it all. Promo? Sure thing. Print? You got it. Fancy new website? No problem at all. Putting our dishes in the dishwasher at the end of the day? That’s another story…

Sounds pretty cool, right? Pay us a visit, munch on a mint and have a fresh cup of coffee on us.

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Imagine that your company has just hired a new salesman. This guy never gets sick, never takes a day off, never goes on vacation. He is quite the social butterfly–wearing your company’s logo everywhere he goes and recommending your brand to everyone he meets. Sounds like the perfect salesman, right?

From posters and displays to dasher boards at ice arenas, signs are your 24/7 sales force. They communicate the best of your company to the public, promote your brand and aid in customer recall. But like any salesman, your signs need a little guidance to ensure maximum effectiveness. Here are a few tips for reducing clutter and ensuring a clear and effective message:

Business Signage

Business SignageThe signage at your business identifies your location, provides information your clients need (e.g. hours open) and sets a welcoming tone. It should not overwhelm or confuse potential customers with superfluous details. A pleasingly simple and elegant design shows a respect for your clients that they will appreciate and remember.

Ice Arena Dasher Boards

With ice arena dasher boards, simplicity is the best strategy. A simple tagline, a good logo and (at most) a website will be enough to brand your business with confidence. Signage: Dasher board As fans attend hockey games throughout the year, they will notice your dasher and associate your business with their team. Your dasher’s presence endears them to your company and can be the difference maker between you and your competition.

Posters and Displays

Signage: Posters and displaysPosters and display art typically require a little more creative juice than dashers, but the message must still be simple and clean to have an impact. While posters and displays allow for more text and photos than dashers, your designer must keep your message focused with attractive graphics and large, easy-to-read typography.

Resist the temptation to pack in as much information as possible, as this will overwhelm your audience and dilute your message. Even the wildest designs will have the biggest impact with a focused idea, consistency, balance and clarity.

At their best, signs are direct, simple and impactful. While they can brand your company to the public like no other medium, they require a disciplined approach and an understanding of your audience and their environment. With an uncluttered design, a powerful message and a great location, your team of signage salesmen will persuade new and repeat customers time and time again.

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5 Tips to Brand Your Business, Prime Advertising & DesignWe’ve all heard how important it is to “brand” your business. But what does that even mean? And how important is it really? I like to think of it like this: We as individuals “brand” ourselves and we’re naturally drawn to others that do it well. These people tend to have a strong sense of self. You know what I’m talking about–that guy you see on the street with the handlebar mustache and the funky bow-tie. Immediately, I think he’s one cool dude. Why? It’s not the actual mustache (how does he eat with that thing anyway?). It’s his strong sense of self that I’m drawn to. It’s the “I’d-sit-down-and-have-a-beer-with-that-person” factor.

That’s what you want for your business. You want people to be drawn to your brand so they do business with you. Sounds pretty great, right? Follow these five tips and your business will be just as awesome as Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy.

1.  Define Your Business. If you don’t, no one else will.

What is your mission? What makes your products/services different? What do your customers already think of your company? What do you want them to think about you? What do your customers want from you? When you feel you’ve explored this enough, move on to #2.

2.  Get a Killer Logo. Love it. Live it. Get a tattoo of it (Just kidding, that last part is optional).

If Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy didn’t have the handlebar I probably would have walked right by without noticing him. The same goes for a company without a great logo–they can go unnoticed. Find a great designer and share #1 with them. It will be the best thing you can do to ignite your own passion and your employees’ passion for your business. A visual representation of who you are and what you stand for is powerful.

3.  Implement.

This step is where some businesses fall off. Self-discovery and creative processes are engaging and interesting. Implementation, on the other hand, can be tedious but is equally important. Every aspect of your business should reflect your brand. Every piece of communication should accurately show your brand. Does your auto-signature reflect your brand? Is your logo sized properly on all mobile devices? How are your phones being answered? What are your salespeople wearing to client meetings?

4.  Be consistent.

Make the implementation of your brand a habit. Communicate your expectations with your employees. Get them on board. If your logo should be a certain size and in the upper right hand corner of all proposals, make sure to set that expectation and follow through with it. It’s helpful to create a “spec sheet” and templates for everyone within your organization to use.

5.  Be true.

It’s easier than you would think to “muddy” your brand. You are busy. Details can get missed. New influences come in to play. Stay true. Communicate and follow through with who you are and what you stand for.

These five steps will put you on the right path to a strong brand. And next time you see Mr. Handlebar Mustache Guy buy him a microbrew of his choice.

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