The Best (simple) Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Written by: Prime Team

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Be Shareworthy in 2012, 2013 and Beyond

For those of our readers who manage a company blog, we’ve found a great article with helpful tips for creating a “killer” business blog, titled “B2B Business Blogging – The Complete In-Depth Guide To Creating A Killer Blog,” from SimplyZesty.com.

An overview of the article:

“Despite different social media networks coming and going, one thing that always remains constant are blogs. The reasons are simple, they live on your own site, you control the content and they show up in search results. A good business blog is a place to communicate the latest news from your brand, drive business leads and to create content that gets shared far beyond your own blog.”

Social Media

To drive traffic to your blog, use your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to promote your new blog to your fans.


Having a good SEO strategy worked into your blog creation is an important aspect of promoting your blog. What words would people use if they wanted to find an article similar to yours? Use those words in your blog content and include them as tags. Use unique blog titles that sets your blog apart from the millions of other blogs on the internet. For those of our customers that have their most recent blog titles feeding onto their website, keep in mind that the title of your blog must be attention grabbing and encourage your site visitors to visit your blog, wanting to read more.

Businesses with Amazing Blogs

If you are ever looking for inspiration, consider how some of the most successful business blogs are communicating with their readers:

Zappos – Fashion, Style & Great Imagery

ComScore – Recent News, Reliable & Referenceable Research and Content

Southwest Airlines – Lighthearted and Easy to Read

Whole Foods – Lots of Tips and Recipes


The article is packed with useful tips for business blogging, including videos from leading bloggers. Read the full article “B2B Business Blogging – The Complete In-Depth Guide To Creating A Killer Blog,” from SimplyZesty.com here.

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