Site Construction for Barrier Exteriors

Written by: Prime Team

Prime Team

Barrier Exteriors is a Minnesota based exterior construction company that provides services such as siding, windows, stucco, stone, roofing and exterior design in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.  As a company that provides high-quality, innovative and reliable services, Barrier needed a website that would reflect these attributes.

Barrier came to Prime Advertising with several goals for their new website. First, they wanted to better showcase the four main exterior services: roofing, siding, windows and accessories. Prime achieved this goal by integrating a large photo slideshow into the homepage with high quality photographs of each type of service. Each slide links to a page where customers can learn more about the service of their choice. We also dedicated several areas to showcase remodeling and renovation ideas from finished Barrier projects, using photo galleries to exclusively highlight past exterior projects. Second, they wanted a website that was easily navigable, where customers would not have to “dig around” for information. Prime included three main highlights on the homepage that draw attention to three services that we believe differentiate Barrier from their competitors. A large “Request an Estimate” area on the homepage makes it easier for prospective clients to contact a Barrier Exteriors representative without searching for a specific webpage to submit inquiries. Thirdly, they wanted a warm, classy look and feel that reflected the high quality of work that Barrier Exteriors provides. To accomplish this, Prime’s designers chose a tan background accented with a stone background that is more common in higher-end homes.

Barrier Exteriors was also set up with a WordPress blog and email template through vertical response, which Prime recommended as channels to share projects and industry news within the community, attract a regular audience and establish a larger internet presence. Prime designed the blog and email template with the same warm, clean theme, as extensions of the website.

Since the launch of the new site earlier this year, the number of visitors has more than doubled compared to the same time last year. We are also seeing a higher international presence, specifically from website visitors located in Canada. Barrier Exteriors continues to provide customers with professional, modern, client-centered service and now their new website does the same!

In an effort to create a consistent branding theme, Prime also designed and produced print materials for Barrier Exteriors, including a new brochure for sales and presentations, branded folders and sharp new business cards. To view the new marketing materials, click here.

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